Int. Rennen Wildwasser-Abfahrt 2024

Eine Übersicht aller int. Abfahrtsrennen für die kommende Saison. Herzlichen Dank Alexandra Plachtova!

Übersicht aller int. Abfahrtsrennen

Please spread it, share it with every coach, member of club, representations, friends!

I think it's good to 1) know what's happening in other countries, 2) it will help the development of downriver, 3) both at representation level and at club level they can plan a training camps in various destinations linked to races and give more support for the athletes there, 4) both ICF and ECA leadership may from now on be more aware of the real timing of races and events in each country and in the future it could help planning big international events.

It's not just my job, I've put this together with all my friends and coaches from these foreign countries - thank you for such a quick help guys! - and will add Polish, Dutch and Belgian races in the near future.

Please spread the word about this google spreadsheet so that every coach, every club leadership and every little kid who wants just a little inside has it!

If you would like to add any more races or make some edits, write me and we will deal with it.

I wish you all the best for your winter preparations Alexandra

For more info:; +420732581670